Sunday, January 24, 2010

My New Journey By: Brooke

Last Thursday, after a week of quietly weeping, simply absorbing any and all sadness like a soggy sponge with no idea what to do with it all, I was hit hard by Hurricane Erin, and thankfully so. Her drive to help the people of Haiti, her people, is nothing if not infectious, and her seemingly limitless goals defy what we know as logic. Her time in Haiti has opened a door to a higher wave of consciousness that skirts the linear and manifests the impossible. To see her turn her sadness into pure creation is humbling to say the least. How could I resist the call to join this beautiful cause?

I have much to catch up on with the Veve Haiti team-- Erin, Mauri, Andrea and Shea-- and I am ready to dive into this spiritual journey. Thank you for getting me here, and bless you all for holding the flame…


  1. Hi Brooke! I can't wait for you to get into it! It IS so much a spiritual journey for each and every one of us. The most amazing part is that the cause, which we are all so passionate about, is not about us but the journey some how has ended up being indirectly about us and our personal growth without any of us knowing it. The short trip so far has been nothing less than amazing, miraculous and life-changing. You are here for a reason and a purpose and I am so excited!


  2. Hi Brooke! Wonderful to meet new people with a desire for change! Welcome to the team!

  3. Hey Ms. Brooke!
    Our lives have intersected in many different places throughout my time in Girdwood a hair shy of a decade. Wow. How time has shaped us! There are no coincidences. I strongly believe we all a pact to find each other again in this lifetime as I get the sense of all of our connections being much BIGGER than we can understand right now. Kindred souls re-united in purpose and a vision to heal the world and ourselves. Welcome to the Team! Only love and gratitude for you.